DAV II Turbo+ DentAirVac will be exhibiting their “At Source” Oral Aerosol Vacuums at the upcoming Fall IAOMT Nashville meeting, September 10th - 12th 2020. The 2021 Spring meeting is in San Diego March 4-6th and 2021 fall meeting in Seattle, WA date location tbd.

Our newest DAV VII Turbo+ includes a Variable Speed Fan Motor Controller for reduced decibel levels while using as a whole room air purifier, a fully sealed Pre/HEPA/Charcoal Filter Pack for easier maintenance and a Patent Pending 4” – 3” – 5.5” five foot long Intake Hose Assembly designed to increase air intake cfm while maintaining higher velocities similar to that of the 3” – 5.5” standard DAV intake hose. All DAV V and newer are upgradable to the DAV VII Turbo+.

Oral Aerosol and Vaporized Mercury Vacuum Filters

The M1 Carbon Cloth Masks are rated for 75 hours use. A comfortable, lightweight mask made with 100% activated carbonized cloth fiber specifically sensitized for mercury vapor with unrivaled  adsorption and superior protection against nuisance vapors and organic odors. The M1 Vapor Masks allow high airflow with a 1-way valve for easier breathing and an adjustable nose-bridge for a comfortable fit.


Single Mask - $27.00 or save when you purchase 3 or more @ 23.00 ea!
Mercury Vapor MasksMasks are only available to users of the Oral Aerosol Vacuums.

MI Masks can also adsorb the following nuisances:

Acetic Carbon Mercury Vapor
Acetone Carbon Disulphide Nitorbenzene
Acetylene Ethyl Pentane
Acrylic Glutaraldehyde Tetrachloride
Aniline Iodine Toluene
Benzene Methyl Trichloroethylene
Butyl Mercaptans Xylene