DAV II Turbo+ DentAirVac will be exibiting their "At Sourceā€ and Whole Room Air Purification Vacuums at the upcoming 2023 Spring IAOMT conference in Allen, TX March 16th - 19th. Click here for Conference and Hotel Info - IAOMT

We will be introducing our newest DAV-Ultra hybrid "At Source Capture" and Whole Room air purification system in one. The DAV-Ultra is a 9-Stage detection, filtration, sanitation, and air purification system coupled with our DAV hi-flow At Source Capture intake hose adding 2 more filtration points. The DAV-Ultra includes a 5 speed on/off remote controller, a washable prefilter/electrostatic grid, true HEPA/carbon filter combo, a Tio2 filter activated by UVC for ozone and oxygen sanitation and real time air quality sensors. The DAV-Ultra is perfect for non critical operatories and hygiene. Prices as low as $1,195.

See a demo here

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